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"Why are we not prioritizing women’s health research?" Dr Galea writes for the Toronto Star

In this opinion piece for the Toronto Star, Drs. Galea and Gay point out the urgent need to focus on women's health research.

They mention that "The era of perpetuating gender stereotypes may be drawing to a close, yet, when it comes to health, there are important differences between women and men that matter considerably for our health. Women experience significant diagnosis delays for many diseases and greater adverse effects from new drugs than men. And women are often described as having “atypical” symptoms, even when the disease may be more common in women. [...] women’s health should not only be studied in comparison to men’s. Many women’s health funding applications and publications are rejected because they look at only one sex or gender. Some even regard studying women’s health as equivalent to sexism."

Their article addresses the problems facing women's health research, and provides some possible solutions to a vast and urgent issue. You can read it here!



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