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Learn about the Women's Health Research Cluster!

The Women’s Health Research Cluster is an international multidisciplinary network of researchers, clinicians, community partners and trainees that work together to advance the health outcomes of girls and women worldwide. The WHRC promotes, expands and

catalyzes women's health research because they believe it holds the key to better lives—not just for women, but for all people.

Dr. Galea leads the Women's Health Research Cluster and is the inaugural womenmind Treliving Family Chair in Women’s Mental Health, Senior Scientist at CAMH, the Principal Editor of Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, the President of Organization for the Study of Sex Differences and co-Vice-President of Canadian Organisation for Sex and Gender Research. She serves on advisory boards, editorial boards, and peer review panels internationally and nationally. Dr. Galea is a tireless advocate for women’s health research and for sex and gender-based analyses to improve mental health for all.

The WHRC hosts a monthly Women's Health Seminar Series that you can register for here. Our lab also regularly contributes to the WHRC Blog which you can read under the 'news' section of our website!



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